1 park, 2 activators

Occasionally when I am activating solo or hunting, I will comes across a park with 2 activators. I log one then the other. The exchange is usually the same signal report and park. I am too stupid to remember the park number between the two qsos esp if a 2-fer.

It would be efficient if I could log both callsigns in the “their callsign” box separated by a comma just like we do for a 2-fer park.

I understand that that may interfere with the callsign lookup. An alterative would be a button that would copy the whole qso forward (park and signal report) but just not the callsign so all I would have to do is add the second contact

This feature would be for someone hunting a park with 2 activators, NOT for 2 activators activating 1 park. They must each have their own log


And sometimes it’s even three or four operators…

There is currently no feature to copy qso information to record a second operator. In lieu of that I usually enter the 2nd operator’s call onto the “comment” line, so I don’t forget it, and then make up another entry later at my convenience.

After you hit “enter” to record the first call, you can then go back to that same “spot” card (it will be green now) and hit “copy” one more time. Just highlight the first call sign for the first operator and enter the call sign for the second operator. That’s all you need to do, just switch the call signs. The park will already be entered. If you’re compulsive, you can correct the RSTs also, but that’s not strictly necessary.

I realize this is a work around for the feature you request.

All the best,

Jack N8EU

I would also like to see this feature added as I often work 2, 3 and had a 4 activator party in FL this past weekend.

The only issue with adding the other activators in the comments and then going back later to add their QSO’s, if they do not fix the time stamp and it’s over 15 minutes on the time stamp, you will not get credit for P2P. I have this happen quite often with people that paper log. I can see in the hunter log they entered everything correctly except the time stamp of the QSO is off. Sometimes as much as a couple hours. Those QSO’s do not give credit for P2P.

I think the best option is the have comma delimited callsigns similar to entering multiple parks.

-Mike K2NKP

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