2Fer, 3Fer,ect. from a Activator

I use Hamrs to log while I am hunting. When I log “Their Park” I use the “comma separated” suggestion as listed. However if I go and look at my entry, it does not show up. What am I doing wrong?

Are you entering it in the “K-####,K-####” format, with dashes and no spaces?

HAMRS is supposed to create one log entry for each park, as you see in the screen shots below.


Aaaaah. Thanks for pointing out the separate entries. Yes. I do see them now. This will be especially helpful when activating since I had been putting in separate entries, but not so much so when hunting.

Just to be clear, it works when hunting a park (from home or from another park) but as the activator, you can only enter one park number into your own park field.

If you are activating multiple parks simultaneously, you need to submit two separate logs to POTA anyway so the best way to do that — as an activator — is to log everything under one park and then duplicate the entire log from the Logbook listing. Give the file a new name and change the park number accordingly.

Right. But if someone is searching this topic… Want them to have the right info. If I am activating a park, and someone calls me with a P2P and has multiple parks to give me as an activator… putting in the comma and having it listed automatically in separate posts is great. No. I understand about if I am at multiple parks as an activator, having to log separate logs. But not as I described above. Thanks for the info though!!!

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