64bit Raspberry Pi version 1.0.6

I have installed hamrs-1.0.2-linux-arm64 on my Raspberry Pi 4 and it seems to be working. However, before I trust it with data I would like to upgrade to the latest version. Could you make one available or steer me to where it now exists?

Thank you

Does the Raspbian version work?


hamrs-1.0.6-linux-armv7l.AppImage gives me the error “cannot execute: required file not found”

hamrs-1.0.2-linux-arm64.AppImage appears to run fine.

As I understand it, the default Raspbian version is compiled for a 32 bit system and the …arm64 version was an experimental compilation for the Raspberry Pi 4, which runs a 64 bit system.

I found a thread in this community discussing this problem- apparently the developer did not have a Rp4 due to supply shortages- but compiled a test version and posted a link, which runs well for me.

However, I would prefer to use the latest version.

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