A quick update for everyone!

Hey all. I wanted to hop in and give a quick update to let you know where I am on things.

Moble Device GPS Integration in Beta
A new beta release is making it’s out to mobile beta users right now. This release introduce hardware GPS integration, which will allow you to get an accurate grid square from your device. There is now a button in the grid input field you can click to calculate your grid based of your device lat/long. It’s not much a visual enhancement but it took a bit to pull it all-together for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire Devices.

Chrome Books
I’ve got an bug with CBs that I can’t shake. I really want to support CBs as I think it’s a great platform in the field, but Google kinda slapped the Play Store on there and while most things work, some functions I’m used to on Android just flat out don’t exist. I am continuing to try and find a solution, but I know there are a few folks out there that paid specifically to use HAMRs on their CB. Please request a refund from the Play Store while I sort this out. It was news to me that Google Play was available on CBs, and I can’t seem to turn off HAMRs being available on on the Google Play store for CBs. I wouldn’t have allowed it without testing them first, and it KILLS me to think someone is out some money with something that just doesn’t work on their system. If the play store gives you trouble regarding a refund, reach out and I’ll make it right personally!

Older Android Devices
I’m working with a couple of users who are having issues with older Android tablets. I think I have a fix in the works, it’s included in the Beta release mentioned above. There is something to be said about Apples closed system - you know exactly the devices you’re targeting, as they’re aren’t that many. The Android ecosystem is legion :wink: I want to support as much as possible, but beware, if you’re on an older device, you may find a bug I was not aware of and might have to wait a release cycle to see it fixed - but those always go to top of my queue. If it’s something obvious, I’ll hotfix it immediately and try to get it out in a day or two

Future Plans

This week, I’m heading out to a favorite POTA spot of mine for a week, to actually play some radio. I’m grabbing my camper, a bunch of antennas, and working remote during the day, and playing radio/putting together a roadmap for upcoming features, and coding HAMRs at night. One thing I need to do is comb through this site, and make sure I’ve logged and created tickets for all of the feature requests and the few bugs that have popped up. There’s a lot more of you than there is me on here :dizzy_face: I want to make sure I’ve addressed everything in the pipe so far.

Release Cadence
I like working in 2 week sprints, but I think with the lead time I need to give beta testers and respond to something they might fine, a monthly release cycle seems to be a better fit

So much for a ‘quick’ update. I just really wanted to reach out to all and say how much I appreciate you guys, and thanks for the all of the input. These last couple of weeks have been a fire-hose of new users, requests, a couple of bugs, and I didn’t feel like I was communicating as well as I could be.

Look for me on the bands this week - if you’re on here and we make contact, let me know! It’ll just put a cherry on my activations!

You guys rock!


Great work. As mentioned by others a way to import logs form one device to another would be great. I use a iPad in the field and and Windows Desktop at home QTH. I would be nice the have all my field logs on the desk top.

Thanks for all your hard work.