Ability to change Grid Square for POTA

In large parks (especially trails), the activator might be in an entirely different grid than the one listed for the park on POTA.app. I would like to be able to specify my grid location, much like I specify my frequency.

I realize that grid is not a required POTA field and they do not care where you are located within the POTA entity. But, having an incorrect grid square makes for inaccurate QSO maps.

Thank, HAMRS is a great product.

You can enter that in the My Grid field in the right hand pane. You can also enter the correct state and county.
73, Charlie - K0LAF

Those fields do not appear to be in the Parks on the Air (POTA) template.

You probably don’t have Expanded Mode turned on.

That is exactly what I needed.
Thank you for pointing it out.

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