Ability to manually change spot cards from blue to green

Clicking on the POTA Spots tab displays active parks on blue cards. After a spotted park has been worked,and entered into the HAMRS log, it changes from blue to green—usually. This is a very helpful feature for hunting parks, since it flags which parks have already been worked.

When using a mobile hotspot out in the boonies, cellular signals are often meager, and the worked parks do not always change from blue to green. (My understanding is that HAMRS must query QRZ.com between entering the worked station’s call sign, the rest of the data, and pushing “enter”. If the info hasn’t been transferred from QRZ, the card will not change to green.)

I use a Fire Tablet for my logging in the field. Perhaps this is related to the rather slow speed of my tablet. But I think it would be helpful to also be able to manually click on the cards that haven’t turned green but which have already been worked. This would keep me from working them again as DUPES.

I’m not saying that the change should only be manual, but that I would find it helpful if I could also change it manually… For those times when it doesn’t turn automatically.

And no, when the “copy” button on the card is clicked, that park is not flagged as “dupe” in the entry field. That would also let me know that I’ve already worked that station and park and would be another way to tell.

Many thanks.

Jack N8EU

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