Ability to merge logbooks of a specific type

Hello Jarrett,

First - thanks for doing what you do! I appreciate HAMRS and use it daily!

Imagine this scenario: I log my POTA hunter activity for a day. It may be 1 QSO or it may be 200. At the end of the day I want to upload this content into LoTW or some other logging system. I download an .adif file copy of my HAMRS log and upload it to the specific system. I do this every day.

Spot the problem? If I keep dumping out a .adif file from the same HAMRS logbook daily, I accumulate QSO records. However, when I upload these QSOs, all the previous QSOs come along for the ride. This relies on the system I’m uploading to to remove dupes (which most do). The real bugbear is that the upload takes longer and longer each day.

So, what about this: At the start of the day, create a new logbook. Fill it with QSOs. At the end of the day, dump out the .adif of this logbook to the external online system. However, keeping a record of these QSOs in HAMRS is imperative for redundancy and the like. So, a merge facility could merge this daily log with the master log (say, my POTA-Hunter log). When done, today’s logbook can be deleted, HAMRS isn’t choking on hundreds of logbooks and all is well.

I hope I explained this well. Merging logs of a specific type would be really handy for me and, I hope, others.

Andrew, N1ACW

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