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Would be great if this app would do the multitask split screen. Thanks.

Love the software, simplest logger I’ve used. I really enjoy the POTA integration. Would it be possible to add a sort by frequency (or any other field, for that matter) option in POTA’s table view?

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I don’t always have access to the Internet at a park, so I log my QSOs on paper so I can enter them into HAMRS when I get home or the next day. This new version 3.0.1 won’t let me change or edit the date so I can enter an earlier date and time. I was able to edit this information in the previous version I had downloaded. The new version appears to use my laptop’s time so it’s updating the date and time even if I’m not connected to the Internet. Please allow changing the date and time when entering a QSO or at least in the edit function.

Agreed! A sort feature would be wonderful, otherwise I must have pota.app open as well, a big pain.

Sort feature coming this weekend!

Thank you - works perfect!

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