Activating "dupes"

I thought I’d experiment today with the WW CQ Contest and try the “dupe” feature on HMRS. I have purposefully put in worked callsigns but the dupe warning only shows up occasionally. I have searched for an answer but haven’t found anything. VO1OK

Out of curiosity, what template are you using? The HAMRS dupe algorithm may differ depending on the template.

Also, was the QSO entry exactly the same for each not flagged as a dupe (same UTC day, same frequency and/or band, and same mode)? Or were there differences between them?

What constitutes a dupe can differ from contest to contest and event to event. For instance, POTA treats any differences between band, mode, park number, and UTC day as different contacts. If they all match, including the park (if there is one), then it is a dupe.

The way I read the rules, the CQ WW SSB contest recommends you submit your duplicates anyway to ensure the other party gets credit. So this may only matter if you are trying to avoid dupes to be efficient or avoid annoying the other party. :wink:

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I used the generic template to see how dupes work if I were in a contest. I wanted to avoid annoying the serious guys with a dupe. I was just experimenting and not in the contest. Thanks for your advice. I see the logic of how it works. I’ll see how it goes in my next POTA activation. VO1OK

It’s a great feature, especially when you are doing the hunting during POTA. It keeps you from wasting time checking to see if you’ve worked the person already.

Just FYI, if you do have duplicate hunters while you are activating a park, don’t hesitate to just keep the QSO in your log. The POTA system will filter out the duplicates.

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Thanks for that VO1OK

It would be nice if the notification happened as soon as the call is entered. This would alert you that there MAY be a dupe when you are about to work a station.

This usually does work for me, at least in the POTA template.

It’s a pop-up, much like the call sign look-up notification.

Would the dupe contact have been on the same band, mode & date?

I just work and log them:
A: It is faster than telling them they are a dupe.
B: Maybe you busted someone else’s call sign and they really aren’t a dupe.
C: Maybe they lost their log and don’t know they are a dupe.
73, Charlie - K0LAF


When using the Field Day template this past weekend, the DUPE warning flashed so quickly that it couldn’t be read. Is there a parameter to control the on-screen display time?

It not, can a adjustable time delay be added to the app?

Maybe an ESC keystroke could also be used to dismiss the warning?

The same also applies to the POTA template.


I’m adding my support to enhancement of “dupe” handling. I too find the transient “Possible Duplicate” warning mingled with callsign lookup results hard to capture and act on.

From using the Generic template to run the ARRL 10 meter contest this weekend I think the following behavior would improve the logging experience:

  • Explicit enabling of “dupe” checking in Settings.

  • The ability to configure what constitutes a “dupe” based on the fields available in the template. In the case of the Generic template, the default dupe keys would be “Their Callsign”, “Band”, and “Mode.”

  • When a “dupe” is detected, the green “Save” button changes to a orange “Dupe” button to serve as a persistent alert, however, pressing the button still logs the QSO. Pressing ESC to clear the entry form returns the button to a green “Save.” (For visual consistency, use the same orange or yellow color for the button as is already used for the “Dupe” tag in the Entries log.)