Activations QSOs on MAP iOS / Windows

Hi, I am quite new to HAMRS, but normally use paper for logging POTA and SOTA during activation, as most sites rarely have bench or table, and there is often quite a walk.

I have tried now logging 11 qsos on iOS 15.7.8 and on Windows 10.

On iOS I can see the all contacts made, but on Windows I find only P2P.

Obviously it may be interesting to share the map with contacts, but the tiny screen of my iPhone7 does not give justice to show on i.e. Facebook.

Both iOS and Win10 set to lookup on

Request Win also lookup locator /qth from or hamlog.

73 de


Windows should be able to look up on the same three services as iOS.

When you examine your profile settings, do you have green checkmarks visible next to each service, as I do in the attached image from my iPad? (Windows should have these, too.)

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