Adding a second park via the edit function

This is a small thing, but I will list it for your consideration.

Today I needed to add a second park to a P2P QSO after I returned home.

I added the second park number using the “Edit” function to the right of the line entry, and put it into the “Their Park” box after the first park. When I hit the green “SAVE” button, the new entry came up as “K-1234,K-5678” in “Their Park” on the Entries page, rather than appearing as a second separate line entry, the way it should when added to “Their Park” box the way it does when multiple parks are entered at one time.

Basically, on my log, when I retroactively edit added a second park to a QSO, it did not generate a second QSO entry with that park in the log.

Hope this is clear… Thanks.

Unless something change, (I hope not), when you put, Their Park, in, simply put a comma after their park and enter their second park. You will see two entries in the log. Great job making their park a comma delimited field. WD4T

Agree it would be helpful for HAMRS to auto generate additional QSOs after editing the “their park” field, as it does during initial entry.

Of course, the fallback position still works–enter a fresh QSO manually. Be sure to give it the same time stamp as the original QSO.

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