Adding "My State" and "My County" to SOTA Default Template

Hi Jarrett & Team

I’d really appreciate it if the “My County” and My State" fields could be added to the default SOTA template fields (upper right hand block). I see that it has been done for the POTA template. Right now, one can add those data points if they manually edit each QSO.

The reason for the request is as follows: There is an LoTW trick, via the TQSL app, that will let you use the operating location (Grid/County/State) from your log, overriding the station details that are normally pulled from TQSL. This will afford people the opportunity to skip the step of having to create a new station location (Grid Square, County, State, etc.) each time they wish to submit a log to LOTW. The grid square data entry block is already part of the default SOTA fields. I think the County and State additions would do the trick.

If others agree, feel free to chime in. Also, If I’m missing anything regarding the workflow process I’m attempting to describe, please add in any omissions/corrections. I think this would speed up the submission process to LOTW greatly.

Thanks again for all you do for the HAMRS user community!

-73, Mike

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