Adding Timezone to Date/Time fields


I’m new to the HAMRS application. It’s not intuitive which timezone the application is logging in. Today is the 22nd but the application has auto-populated the 23rd. Maybe it’s logging in Zulu/GMT? Anyway, that could be made more intuitive by adding timezone flavor text next to the fields.


Rob Ramsey, AH6X
Honolulu, HI


All logging applications in ham radio, to my knowledge, are set up to log QSOs in Zulu (UTC) time. HAMRS is no exception. It’s the only one that makes sense, particularly for HF where contacts are often with hams in other time zones.

Just peeked at your QRZ page. I retired from the AF in 2019 and work at WPAFB now as a civilian. One of my favorite assignments was at Hickam. I was licensed at the time but took a long break from ham radio and wasn’t active then. Sure wish I had kept up with it! But there was plenty to do there regardless. :wink:


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Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the response. While it makes sense that it would be in Zulu, adding a “Z”, “L”, or other time zone text to the time and date fields would still be helpful. Since this is a feature thread, it would be nice if you could pick the time zone for the entry. If you had 30 paper logs entries to transcribe and they were all in local time, it would be a chore to convert them to Zulu by hand.

I would have retired from the AF back in 2017… I just did four and got out back in 2001. I met my wife at Bagram (I was a contractor) back in 2012 and re-joined the AF as a spouse. What was your AFSC? I know the AF has combined lots of AFSCs and rebranded them. I was a 2E251 - Computer Maintenance & Switching Systems Journeyman back then.



Cool! Thanks for serving! I was a Bioenvironmental Engineer (medical)—43E3. It was a great 30 years. :slight_smile:

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