.adi to QRZ.com Frequency issue

Today when I uploaded the .adi from HAMRS to my Logbook in QRZ.com, the frequency did not populate into QRZ correctly. Example…14,333.000 vs. 14.333. Any ideas?

Hmmmm. I’m not sure honestly. are you saying you entered 14.333 in HAMRS and QRZ is reading it as KHz and not MHz?

I have the same problem.

After playing with the App a little more, I think I might have excluded the decimal point from my entry, (14333). I think this would have caused the same issue?

Next weekend, I’ll try and upload another logbook, and see if I can replicate and fix the issue. So sorry If this was the case.

It can be a little frustrating when some apps and/or web sites request the frequency in kHz and others in MHz.

I prefer MHz, which is what the ADIF spec requires, but the POTA spotting page (as an example) wants the frequency in kHz. It’s easy to enter the wrong one if you aren’t careful. :wink: