ADIF export - Full address?

When I create a log in HAMRS…and then export ADIF file…the export works great and is always (for my first 2 POTA activations so far) accepted by the POTA import process…but I don’t see the full QRZ address…all I see is the Name, City, State.

This is of course OK for POTA (and I presume for SOTA too) submissions…but I also want to import the HAMRS/ADI files into MacLoggerDX on my MacBook Pro…and there I DO NOT SEE the Street Address, ZIP, County, and Country.

I’ve tried to validate the HAMRS/ADI file doesn’t include the full address fields…and the best I can conclude is that it doesn’t…Is this how it works? Or am I doing something wrong.

IF the HAMRS/ADI file does not currently include the full address…(street, zip, county, country)…can it made to do so???

As such…I am leaving this as a “Feature Request”…but if the ADI export file does in fact contain the full address info…then maybe someone can help me to learn how to get it into MacLoggerDX…?? This is all a bit new to me…Any help on this this would be appreciated…

BTW…The reason I ask is that I like to import the HAMRS/ADI file into MacLoggerDX and, among other things, create MAILING LABELS to send QSL cards…as well as using MacLoggerDX to export and import QSL’s to LoTw …

Thank you,
73, Jim / AC3B

This request can be withdrawn…I have figured out the solution so HAMRS and MacLoggerDX are working very nicely together now…and I have the labels I wanted from MacLoggerDX…

JIm / AC3B

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