ADIF Format Issue uploading

I am uploading logs to various awards schemes and it seems like the ADI generated by HAMRS isn’t the right format to be accepted on some sites.

I have to load the adi file from hamrs into adifmaster then save the file which then allows the file to be uploaded, this is a wasted additional step.

Has anyone else noticed this or had this issue?

When you open a new log, you are given the option to select a Template. There are different templates for different programs. Selecting the correct template for your particular program of interest creates the proper entries for that program. Some templates also have macros that help to give a correctly acceptable log. If you are submitting logs to multiple programs, you may have to edit the original log in ADIF Master or other editor to reformat for that particular program.

Michael WA7SKG

its like the ADIF standard is different. I try and upload a straight hamrs log and it was issues. then all I do is open the file in adifmaster, make zero changes and just save, then the file is OK. Also which template creates the station_callsign field as thats the one missing in my logs that I need.

The STATION_CALLSIGN entry is generated by the Club Call entry. If you are using a club or special event callsign, you put that in the Club Call box. That will create STATION_CALLSIGN entries in the log. If that box is blank, the STATION_CALLSIGN entries will not be present.
I’ve uploaded hundreds of logs straight from HAMRS with no issues. If you have a log from HAMRS that did not upload, feel free to send it to and I will review it for problems.

Michael WA7SKG

BTW, I can only speak to Parks On The Air issues. If you are having problems with some other awards program, I am sorry, I may not have information on those.

Michael WA7SKG

Thanks Mike,

This isn’t a POTA issue. The station_callsign should be generated regardless of the type of activation as its the callsign used on the air. One for the developer to fix.

I put my call in the Club Call and My Call fields in the POTA template. Everything works perfectly for LoTW, QRZ, and (of course) POTA.

Thanks for this info.

This isn’t for POTA but if that’s how to get the correct field to appear in the adif output then we can try.

The STATION_CALLSIGN entry is only required (for POTA purposes) in the case of a multi-operator or club/special event activation where the operator’s personal callsign is not used on the air. Otherwise, the STATION_CALLSIGN is assumed to be the same as the OPERATOR. Again, I can only speak to POTA situations. If you are doing something else (IOTA, SOTA, County Hunting, QSO Party, etc.) YMMV.

Michael WA7SKG