Allow logbooks to sync to cloud?

Just curious if there could be a way to sync logbooks between devices using the cloud. Like if I logged my POTA activation with an iPad, and wanted to make final edits and downloads from my MacBook when I got home. I’d even pay for it as a premium feature.


This is definitely in the plans down the road, and it would be a subscription feature, something cheap like a couple of bucks a month or something, but yeah sync between devices, and provide a web version.


That would be amazing, and worth a few bucks a month. Maybe offer a yearly subscription as well?


I can’t like this hard enough :+1:

I’m so tired of exporting, importing, deduplicating, wash, rinse, repeat.


Are you also considering syncing with QRZ and LoTW?


I’m hoping it’s in the stretch goals. This and ADIF watch for WSJT-X are the reasons I used Log4OM.

Add me to the “would be willing to pay” list!


@WX1D, you know I hadn’t thought about it, but if you’re a QRZ XML subscriber or whatever, I could make it very easy to sync. I’ll have to look into LoTW because they have that whole ancient signing process thing to deal with. But QRZ for sure.

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Would be interesting if maybe once syncing is setup one could run their own sync server or what not.

Or maybe allow syncing while on the network?

That would be fantastic!

I keep looking for the SUBSCRIPTION button, but it won’t take my money… i must be doing something wrong.

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I’m working on it :slight_smile: writing a server and API now. Gotta figure out authentication and all that


I would LOVE this!
I am a QRZ XML subscriber, so that’s where all my logs end up anyway.
QRZ upload would be amazing!!!

I would like the option to sync to my iCloud account if that is possible. I understand that you want a central server for any platform to sync to any other platform, but it would be nice to allow Apple users to sync between their Macs/iPhones/iPads on their iCloud account if they so desired.

But that is just my preference :smiley:
Both options could coexist :smiley:

this would be a killer feature! I’m often using multiple devices

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Definitely worth it. Please make it a priority. Thanks.