Allow only digits and colons in a time string

Hello Jarrett! Firstly, so sorry, I only realised it after the fact that it was you calling into K-6434 from K-2336. I would’ve chatted longer otherwise. Anyway, thanks for the contact and the park-to-park!

Secondly, only after LoTW told me that my data was incorrect when attempting to upload a .adif file for today’s park did I realise that I had accidentally added fullstops/periods into a couple of QSOs’ times.

For example, rather than entering ‘1745’ or ‘17:45’ I somehow entered ‘17.45’. I do crazy stuff like that without thinking!

It’d probably be worth doing a quick validity check on time strings as the user tabs or otherwise exits out of the time field. Worse case - allow the user to save the QSO but highlight the time in the Entries list as red or some other colour.

Many, many thanks again!

Andrew, N1ACW

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