Alphanumeric keyboard for iPad as well?

Thanks for your nice work on the app. The new virtual keyboard is welcome on iPhone, but the extended keyboard option is not available on iPad. Could this be added please?

It’s available on mine.

Which iPad and version of HAMRS do you have installed on your iPad?

I’m using HAMRS 1.0.6 on an iPad mini (5th gen) running iPadOS 15.5.

That’s really odd. I have an iPad Mini (6th generation) with iPad OS 15.5 and it works fine. I can’t imagine what difference between devices would cause this.

Have you tried force-closing HAMRS and rebooting your device? Sometimes an upgrade to the software version won’t catch these changes without a full restart.

I tried force-closing the app, and rebooting the iPad. I even tried uninstalling and re-installing the app.

It works fine on my iPhone XR, running HAMRS 1.0.6 and iOS 15.5.

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