Amazon version creates extra characters with fast typing

The easiest way to duplicate this is to press any key twice fast. Imagine entering NN0H quickly. Pressing the N key twice in a row pretty reliably produces 4 N’s in the CALLSIGN field. If I try entering callsigns basically at a quick but comfortable pace, I get odd behavior: extra copies, missed characters (keyboard registers the press but the characters don’t appear in HAMRS).

I’m using the Amazon store version, on a Fire HD 8 Plus tablet (2020 version). That’s a brand new tablet. I don’t get this behavior in other apps. I rebooted the app, even tried turning tablet off and rebooting. I cannot recreate the error in any app other than HAMRS.

I’ve already purchased both the iOS and Amazon versions of HAMRS. I suppose I could get t the Android version and give it a shot on the tablet (trifecta!), just to see if it is software dependent and not just the tablet? Ha. I do like to support developers.

Unrelated: I also notice the popup boxes with QRZ data stack above each other. If I type slowly, as if I’m getting only part of a callsign, I get a QRZ result for the partial callsign. Then I get another one for the rest of the callsign. That’s an issue when using the tablet in vertical orientation, because the QRZ boxes coverup the RST boxes. A setting to turn off those boxes (or at least keep them confined to the corner of the screen) would be handy.

Thanks and 73,

Mark, K0NIA

I’ll try and test this myself - are you using the onscreen board, or an external one?

On screen. Both built in keyboard and Gboard. Thanks!

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