Android - 0.9.8 Bug Thread

Android beta test is live and those who requested access should receive an email soon from the Play Store. Currently, it looks like placeholder images that show up when you have no logs or your logs are empty, are showing up broken.

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May I take a test drive jarett?

@KD2E Of course - did you not receive an email or something about the beta? I know I added you to the list, though the Play Store’s test procedure is not as clear to me as Apple’s Test Flight service.

Try this link:

The link worked!
I’ll use it hunting today!
Perhaps activate tomorrow!

Should any Android beta slots open up, I’d love to participate!
-Brad KC1JMH

Me too. I would Iove to try it on my 10” Fire Tablet. I would rather take that into the field then my IPad Pro

Samsung S10+, rotation doesn’t expand the canvas.

Tap the logo on an Amaxon Kindle Fire 10 and it goes white. Can’t reproduce on Samsung phone. Back button seems to recover.

Correction: If I tap the HAMRS logo on my Samsung, the whole screen does not go white like my Kindle Fire, but the whole screen freezes on whatever I’m looking at and I can’t tap any buttons until I hit the system’s back key.

Update: This occurs in PC as well. The whole window goes white. I use the mouse’s back button to return to functionality.

Confirmed. I’ll add this to the top of the backlog.

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I’m interested to do try the android beta if tou look for more tester. Thanks Va2yaf

Clicking the logo on my android brings me to the log choice screen. (Lenovo tablet)

Is it still possible to get in on the Android testing?
Thank you!

I would like to beta Android if available.

I’d would also like to be beta tester if you still need some.

I’d love to try the beta as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and an old Samsung Tab S4 tablet I use with VSLogger for POTA activations. Would love to try this on the Tab S4 tablet.

Would like to beta test for android