Android app for latest version

FYI…The Android Play Store will not let me update.
Only choices are to uninstall, or open (old existing version)

No option for 0.10.2? Are you sure it didn’t do it in the background maybe? I’ll double check on my end.

I can confirm current update that is available on the Google Play Store is 0.10.1 Updated on Apr 20,2021

Sorry I should’ve asked - are you referring to updating to the beta version (0.10.2) or you’re suck at something before 0.10.1 which is the current public release?

In the “Play Store”, searching on hamrs, it only shows the “open” button, which opens up to my existing install…version 9.6. Unless I need to delete it first??

Perhaps mine will never update…because I used the promo code?? Perhaps promo code is ONLY good for 9.6? Just spitballing guesses here :slight_smile:

That’s really odd. I’m not sure. I don’t think I had promo codes for Google Play, just iOS. Is it an older device? I wonder if I have included something in my APK since 9.6+ that limited what version of android it runs on.

@KD2E are you a beta tester for Android? I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Yes, I was. my other Android music player which does NOT have the app on it, shows 10.2 in the play store. But don’t see that option on my hamrs android tablet. I guess I need to delete it first?

It’s a brand new device…newer android version than my music player, which shows 10.2.

I uninstalled the existing version and then installed.
All is good now!

@KD2E Awesome! Glad to hear it, that was puzzling on my end, it all looked good to me. Glad you’re back up and running!

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