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Hello -

I recently launched HAMRS on my phone after several months of not using it (usually use my tablet). When I launched the app, it asked me to create a new profile and I did (which I thought I had already done, but couldn’t remember). I proceeded with my activation and logged about 20 contacts from a new park. When I got home, the log was gone and my old logs were there. I just read the thread and updated to the latest version. Is there any hope of recovering my log? I tried searching a few of the callsigns that I know I worked, but I can’t remember all of them.

It seems that when the app was broken (like I’d never used it before), I set up another profile and made a log which then got lost when the app got fixed.

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New feedback, exporting the ADI is working ok now.
But my last log file i created two days ago is still missing. Any suggestions?
I am using android 12. Thanks!

Export is now working, however the option to download the ADIF file directly on Samsung is missing. The only way to get my logs onto the phone is to share to email and send it to myself.

Export is working for me now.

That’s what I’ve always done. As soon as I’m done with an activation, I export the log to email and have it waiting for me at home. I did this mainly as a hedge against damaging my phone while in the field (SOTA op primarily).

@Jarrett any hope for someone who created a new profile when the app was having issues and then lost a log once the app was fixed? (see my post above)


following … Same problem here!

Pixel 6a here. Lost logs after Android update, but luckily had them backed up.

Now when I try to export a new log, the app doesn’t crash, but nothing happens.


Same here too. I thought is was odd all my previous logs were gone, but wasn’t worried. Now my new log is gone and my old logs back.

Any logs that were created after your ‘old’ logs were moved and then returned are lost I’d imagine. I’ll poke around and see if they were moved to a different location, but I imagine between the builds that’s not the case.

@Jarrett thanks for the reply, that’s super frustrating if so. Oh well. Crap happens.

Guess I learned my lesson - ALWAYS EXPORT WHEN YOU’RE DONE! Do it before you even shut down the radio!

Love the app otherwise! Thanks for making such a great logging app.

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