Android Issues Superthread

Hey Folks. Google required an SDK change that when implemented, apparently pointed to a different data directory than previous versions - this is why logs disappeared, and are now available - let me know if not. I’m truly sorry that this caused very deserved panic, frustration, and anger.

I see folks are having crash issues when trying to export logs. I’m not receiving any crash reports from Google however, so this is going to be difficult to debug. For those experiencing issues, I have some questions:

  1. Does the app crash as soon as you click ‘Export ADI’?
  2. If not, is the app crashing when you choosing the location you want to export the file to (email, file, etc.)

Jeremy here, kj7iaz.

I noticed the disappearance of logs with an auto update, so i updated again manually, you must have fuxed that fast. Now when i choose export adi i get a crash(app just closes, no messages or anything). I have a galaxy fold 3.

I have andtoid studio set up, maybe i can get a debug log or something helpful for you. Shoot me an email and we can try it.

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Hey Jarrett,
I am having this issue with the app crashing immediately as soon as I tap on export ADI. Whats weird is that it seemed to work a couple days ago when I did an activation, however the file that was output was txt file and 0 bytes (could be the file browser used on my phone though.) Here are the details that hopefully can help diagnose this issue:

HAMRS version: 1.0.6
Android 12
Android security update: August 1, 2023
Google Play system update: July 1, 2023
Baseband version: M7325_HI43_45.1293.01.84R BERLNA_PVT_VZW_CUST
Kernel version: 5.4.210-moto-gff0eee96f46f #1 Fri Jul 21 10:05:16 CDT 2023
Build number: S1RMS32.68-43-16-12
Motorola edge 5g UW (2021) Model: XT2141-1

Hopefully the information I have provided is useful in someway and not complete useless information overload.

I do have AppManager from the F-Droid store on my phone as well and if that can provide any other information that would be helpful to you, please just let me know and I will get you any info I can to help you attempt to solve this.

Thank you for all your hard work on this project and creating a great program that really is an asset to us mobile and portable ops!

73’s for now Jarrett de John, WE1DER.

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Hey Jarrett,
As soon as I click Export .ADI it crashes. Sometimes it will get a pop up message. See pic.

Brand new Samsung S9 Plus tablet with a data plan. Just fyi.
Thank you.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite SM-T220
One UI Core version 5.1
Android version 13
Kernel version 4.19.191-26023185-abT220XXS4CWG4
#1 Sat Jul 22 15:56:40 KST 2023
Build Number TP1A220624.014.T220XXS4CWG4

Crashes on Export .ADI error message as shown in attachment.



Same for me

Google Pixel 7 Pro
Android 13
kernel: 5.10.157

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A crash report has finally come through, and I see the issue. I should have a fix out tonight.


Thanks for jumping on this and clearing up the chaos. Looking forward to having my favorite logging app back in play haha.

Mine crashes as soon as I click “Export ADI”.


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Yes, the app is crashing as soon as I click ‘Export ADI’.
Hope to fix it soon! TU!

Edit just noticed that my last (today’s) log has been disappeared. That’s weird… :astonished:

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It crashes right away on my Pixel 7 & if I restart the app enough times (15-20) it will lose the new POTA log I just spent 30 minutes entering in, dud that twice, only loses the new log randomly, but crashes the very instant I press Export ADI.

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My HAMRS app crashes as soon as I click Export .ADI
Galaxy SM906U running Android 13. I have tried clearing cache but no difference.

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Any update on this? No update has been pushed to the play store.

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No update, still working on it. It seems to affect Android 12+ users. 11 users seem to be ok. Can anyone confirm they’re on 11 or lower and experiencing the export crash issue?

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A new build is headed to the Play Store in the ‘Open Testing’ track before release to production. To get the test build when it becomes available, use this link


Android 13 here, export is working again on the test build linked above. Thanks Jarrett!

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Thanks so much for the report! I’ll roll this out to prod.

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On android 12 it still crashes when i hit the export ADI button (reinstalled the v.1.0.6)

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Back in business! Thanks for the fast response and continued attention to this program. Best of luck moving forward.