Arm64 support possible?

Are there any plans yet to keep an updated Arm64 build available. I know there’s the test version of 1.0.2 out there, but this is rather outdated at this point. I know there was talk of it back in March, but last I saw, Jarrett was having trouble sourcing a Pi to help develop it.

Jarrett - I happen to have 5 Pi-4 4GB models sitting here in a Kubernetes cluster. I would be very happy to detach one of them from the cluster, and get it to you if it would help get this. Going off QRZ, I’m actually only about 2 hours away from you too, so I might be able to even deliver it by hand!

I really dislike the Raspbian desktop environment (PIXEL). I much prefer to run PopOS or Ubuntu on my pi devices, but both of those do not have armv7l support available, so I can’t even install the 32bit packages like KM4ACK does for Build-a-Pi.

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