Auto fill RST 59 59 - [Released! 0.9.1]

Hi everyone, Mike “CU3HY” here, 73 from Azores Islands…

Just installed on windows, antivirus threw a bunch of warnings but all and all it went well,

Just wanted to give my two cents, great software for pota, thank you for it,

I’d like to see an auto fill of rst, a 59 59 when you input justa a call and hit enter, I think that would be great for pile-ups, I know pota is a more of a relaxed event but mid a pile up to have that 59 59 auto fill would be a great add on, IMHO

Mike " CU3HY" Maciel
POTA Country Admin for Portugal

Thanks for the feedback! Everything is beta so not signed, hence the windows warnings. I actually have a release coming soon (0.9.1) that has RST pre-populated, as well as a Winter Field Day template (I know it’s late, but as a new ham it was good for me to listen to how those QSOs are conducted and build the template accordingly)

Thank you SO much for taking the time to download, install and shoot me some feedback - I can’t tell you how helpful that is!

73, KB0ICT

Jarret, your doing a great job!

I understand all that windows stuff, no worries…

I also installed on my mac, no problems…

Nice that your implementing the auto RST!

Also as I was testing it I tried to edit a QSO and all I could do in actions was delete it, i’d be nice to be able to edit it on the fly… just a tought

keep up the awesome job man, I’m waiting on a cheap windows tablet just for pota and similar activations, I was actively looking for a simple and quick log and I think this fits the bill perfectly.

73, CU3HY

Editing will be coming soon, as well as a mobile version of the application (iOS and Android). I’m using this time with feedback from POTA facebook group and folks like you to get a solid 1.0 out in the wild soon.

Quick question regarding RST as I was thinking about it - the way I have it know it that it just persists the last value from QSO to QSO, so if you put in a 59 the first time, you can just hit tab and keep those 59 going. But if you changed it to say 55, it would be 55 for the next QSO as well - basically it’s sticky like your call, freq, etc. - would it make more sense to just reset it to 59 instead of having the value follow on to the next entry?

awesome, I’d say reset to 59 would be great! when in an activation/dx its 59 59 all the time, heheheh

It would be nice to just type the incoming call and hit enter to just insert the next call… and have it auto fill everything! :wink:

Will do. I’ll post about it here so be on the lookout. Next couple of days.

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