Auto populate fields from radio?

This is potentially a set-up error/oversight on my part. Does HAMRS have the capability to auto populate frequency and mode from the radio? Is there a possible/recommended cable connection from a rig to an ipad?
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At this time there is no CAT interface to the rig.

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At the risk of telling you what you already know…

If you’re hunting POTA stations, you can auto-populate the station call, park, and frequency from the POTA Spots section by clicking on the COPY button at the bottom of the card.

My understanding is that HAMRS is designed primarily to easily log contacts for portable operations such as POTA, SOTA, Field Day, and the like, rather than to be a stand alone do-it-all base station logging program of which there are already many examples. I don’t miss the lack of a CAT interface.

And HAMRS does its intended job very, very well, in my opinion.

I’ve spent some time looking in both HAMRS and POTA. To what card and button do you refer? I can find none. FYI, using an iPad.

Yeah, I’m tech vocabulary challenged.

On the HAMRS app, on the banner below the fill ins in light blue are–Entries, QSO Map and POTA Spots.
If you click POTA Spots, it lists the active parks on side by side cards with navy blue tops. (Similar presentation to the appearance on the POTA app.) At the bottom of each card is a clickable button that says “Copy”.

If you click the Copy button, the call sign, POTA Park #, and the frequency will be populated into the proper blanks of the left (larger) recording box at the top of the page.

I’m sure there are proper techy names for these areas, but I don’t know the words… Hope you can figure it out from this feeble description.

Thanks for the explanation! I’ll try It again tomorrow. Being able to auto fill mode, freq. and call sign will be huge, even though only for POTA contacts.

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I finally discovered my mistake. Thanks for your patience.

The options you described only show up if you’re in a logbook that was set up using the POTA template, and it can only auto-populate data from “spotted” POTA stations.

I was using a generic template for a general operating log of all my HF contacts. Trying to simplify.

So I’ll try changing my log template to “pota”, recognizing that I’ll need to manually enter the data for all non-spotted HF contacts.

Thanks for your help!
Don - W8DRP