Automatic Call Sign Look Up

In areas where the is no internet access, could HAMRS be configured to pull call sign/grid square
data directly from the logging computer instead of trying to access it online assuming that information can be acquired from etc.

Brian, KG8CO

I may truly be an ‘old school’ thinker but I have ben a Ham for only 6 years. When I do, or even think about, a POTA activation, I do not consider whether I will have connectivity to the internet. I like remote parks, the remoter the better. If you are located somewhere where you have cell coverage of Wi-Fi, that is little different from operating from your home shack. If you want pretty pictures and maps, look them up when you get home to submit your log.

I may be totally off base, but I think POTA is designed to get people out to or within the parks that are less known and visited. Almost by definition these places should be void of ‘the internet’ therefor ideal for Ham Radio. Forget the new fancy complication of HamRS and enjoy the basic way it was founded. If you want to know where your contact is, do what I do, just ask them.

73 de Ed KK4ZWC

When you get back online hit ‘Lookup’ on the qso’s and the info should download. You’ll get the green tick by each one when its done. That’s the solution I’ve used.

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