Automatically enter decimal point when band is known

I’ve made the mistake (more times than I’ll own up to) of omitting the decimal point when I enter a frequency. Basically, I’ve occasionally entered the QSO frequency in kHz rather than MHz.

Based on the operating band, HAMRS should be able to deduce the position for the decimal point. For example, if the current band is 20m and the user enters ‘14325’, then HAMRS should easily be able to determine that the user meant ‘14.325’.

There could be an option under settings to tune the behaviour slightly. For example, the first time a mismatched freq/band pair is encountered, ask the operator if s/he wants to have HAMRS automatically fix up frequencies.

The problem obviously arises with the 2m and 20m bands. This is probably a smaller issue since the band is probably selected correctly.

I’d be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this!

Andrew, N1ACW

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