Beta 0.11.4 unresponsive boxes

Hi Jarrett
Version 0.11.4 on iPad IOS 14.8.

Once a callsign is entered in the Callsign box, Their Park and Comments boxes will not allow entries, i.e after tapping them to add data the cursor does not show up so I can’t type anything in. They’re dead. Appears to be something going on between the iPad keyboard and HAMRS.

Interestingly, if I don’t enter a callsign, Comments and Their Park work just fine. Somehow entering Callsign causes the other boxes to become unresponsive.

If you need more info contact me via QRZ page.


Joe, I mentioned this for the first beta release as well. Not sure he saw my comment in the beta channel.

Is there a separate beta channel where I should have posted this? I posted on the beta feedback link on TestFlight but it looked like that goes only to Apple. So I posted here, but if I should have placed it someplace else — to make sure Jarrett & Co see it — please let me know. Hope they see and fix it before wider release. Joe KK9TT

During previous beta tests my TestFlight comments got to Jarrett. I submitted this bug via TestFlight too.

There is a separate (private) beta channel. PM @Jarrett to get access.

Thanks. Forgot I had access to that address. Just sent it to him. Joe KK9TT

On it! Thank you both

It works under the latest beta release. Thank you.

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