BitDefender blocking download for Windows 10

Trying to install the software, My BitDefender antivirus software is flagging the downloaded file as dangerous. BitDefender states that it is also blocking many dangerous pages. I would like to know if there are any security concerns with current link and how I might install the software safely.

This message keeps popping and the install file is made inactive by the antivirus.
Infected web page detected.

28 minutes ago

Online Threat Prevention

We blocked this dangerous page for your protection: Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.



Everyone who is using HAMRS has downloaded the program from the same website that you are using.

You can disable BitDefender for 5-10 minutes while you install the program then turn it back on.

If you feel that BitDefender is telling the truth, maybe contact their support to scan the file.


Dave VA3CP


Thanks for your reply. I’ll give it a try. As an update, I was able to put the HAMRS link as an exception in Bit Defender. Subsequently, I was able to download the software and set up the app.
Thanks again!


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