Bought a new computer. Paid for the software again. what now?

I purchased a new computer. Couldn’t figure how to share so purchased again. I failed to load what is the procedure now?

What platform are you using? Just to clarify your question, are you unable to get the HAMRS software to install on the second computer?

Windows 11is on the new computer

If you purchased HAMRS for Windows, you’re doing it wrong. HAMRS is free for the Windows platform.

You should be able to download a fresh install package from:

Select the Windows icon, save the .exe on your PC, and install it like you would any other application.

If that isn’t working, what install errors are you getting? Perhaps there are compatibility issues with Windows 11… but personally, I’m not aware of any.

Note that you won’t be able to transfer logs from HAMRS on one system to HAMRS on another. That capability has not yet been implemented but is a frequently requested feature.

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