Bought iOS version; should I get Android too?

This looks like a great app. I just wish there was a way to have both letters and numbers on the same keyboard. I also find the QRZ popup boxes a bit intrusive, but have found I can ignore them and just keep typing.

The only computer with dedicated keyboard that I use is a Chromebook, and it looks like there isn’t a HAMRS app for that. So now I’m wondering whether my Android tablet would be a better option. There’s a lot more screen real estate on my tablets. Does the Android version have a keyboard that stays onscreen all the time and that uses the full width of the screen? I’m just looking for ways to speed up entry of information during QSOs. Having both letters and numbers on screen, with bigger buttons, would probably make it easier to interact with the app. I cannot see what the data entry screen looks like on the Android version; there’s no screenshot of the keyboard. I don’t want to pay another $4.99 to find out whether it will be functionally better than the iOS version I just paid for. Can anyone help me out with this?

I can’t help you with Android, but for iOS, are you using it on an iPad?

If so, in case you didn’t know, you don’t need to “toggle” numbers and letters on the iPad. Shift-click and swiping down on the top-row letter are other ways to input numbers. I usually use the latter.

Thanks for the reply. No iPad here, just an iPhone. Seems a bit challenging to use numbers quickly. For tablet, I use an Amazon Fire HD with Play Store turned on. So both the Amazon and Android versions seem doable. I can’t see what the keyboard looks like on either one. I’m really hoping someone will say “the numbers are always present on the keyboard” for at least one of those versions.

Do most people use HAMRS and paper logging, at the same time? Seems safer, but also seems like a lot to juggle.

If you use google keyboard on Android you get a number row accross the top of the keyboard always on everything on the phone, that’s the way I have always used my Android.

Thanks very much. I downloaded Gboard to my tablet and now have the option to leave the number row on screen. That’s the solution!

Now I have to decide on Amazon vs. Play Store version of HAMRS. I’m guessing the Amazon version will be a better bet for the OS.

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