Bugs when entering call signs and app popping to foreground instead of running in the background

thanks for the app. Ive encountered a few bugs and would like to see if they could be addressed.

  1. When a call sign is entered some times the call will be autopopulated several times such as, if you were to enter my call “KO5PR” it might look like koko5ko5ko5pko5ko5pko5prko5pr in the field. Then to further exacerbate the issue if you put the cursor at the end of that long error filled call and hit backspace once it might delete the whole thing. If the cursor is put to the left of the correct portion then backspaced you can delete all the unintended letters leaving the correct call.

  2. when the app is running and it is minimized to run in the background (to view a text message or lookup something) it will pop up to the fore ground about every 10 seconds, until the app is completely closed in which it would have to be reopened to continue to use. (this is very aggravating to me)

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