Build a template

I’ve seen a lot of requests for this and that template.
How about a build a template?

  1. There are some fields which of necessity always have to be there. We don’t modify that.
  2. There may be some new fields that need to be there for a specific template (like maybe 13 colonies on the air or IOTA or something like that)
  3. template builder could be something like:
    a. new field name, b. type (string or number or date?), c. what adif field name it should map to.
    d. should it be carried over to the next record?

The application could either dynamically create the extra entry boxes, or have some hidden that could be unhidden when a new template field is created.

Not sure how this would be done though. As I don’t know the programming language that HAMRS is done in, and how hard it would be to implement.

Just thinking out loud here.


I support this and have asked for it too. So far no luck.

This is on my radar. I’ve done work like this in the past, creating a WYSIWYG/drag-and-drop component library for building forms. That would be an undertaking, but something text or markup based might be quicker to pull off. I’ll get it in the backlog.


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