Bulk Edit, & Edit without creating duplicates

Hey @Jarrett a feature edit If you have time that I and a few guys that join me on SOTA and POTA activations would appreciate.

Bulk Edits of an entire log file, IE. Summit, Band, Frequency, Mode Etc. Would be really helpful when you realize you had something incorrect during the whole log. Please

I’m not sure if this is by design or not but sometimes when editing a single entry in the log like the summit info it will create a new entry, which you would think editing an entry shouldn’t create a new entry, unless there is something I don’t know

Again Jarrett thank you so much for such a great app Its very helpful.

Sorry I posted it again not sure if you were able to see it or not, but it would be extremely helpful to have bulk editing.

I’m starting to lose track of bugs. Are you saying when editing SOTA QSOs it created duplicates?

Yea when editing a qso for summit or mode it was making a duplicate, I’ll see if I can recreate and record some how, how about a bulk edit is that something easy or doable, thanks Jarrett for everything.

Bulk editing will be more doable after this change to the DB that’s coming in the next few weeks. My #1 go is to pull those changes in to increase stability across all platforms, but I’ve got a ticket made in the backlog!

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I look forward to this, especially since HAMRS never seems to remember my State or County.

Editing each and every QSO to enter my county is very time-consuming–I end up doing it outside of HAMRS instead with ADIF Master.

Likewise, when I exit and re-enter the log, my State becomes blank for all subsequent QSOs. In my view it should remember my location data until I change it in the log.

Remembering where I am should be the first priority, followed by the ability to do bulk editing.

I would also like to see the remaining location data pulled forward to the main screen, alongside my grid square in Expanded mode, as a scrollable panel. That would be much cleaner than having to edit the first QSO and hoping the data are retained in subsequent QSOs.

I’ve absolutely lost the thread on it this, and I know you’ve brought it up before, so I want to make sure to get a good ticket in my backlog.

  • As a POTA user, when I create a new log, and I enter a POTA reference into the My Park field, then all QSOs should populate their MY_STATE field with the state of the park I entered.

Is that it? What if I change My Park 20 contacts in, just use the new state (unlikely) from then out out? Or just have ‘MY STATE’ as a field in the expanded mode and call it good?

I think the best option is to display and allow editing of MY STATE, MY COUNTY, and the QTH fields in expanded mode. A scrollable panel or a pop-up could be a way to implement this without using too much screen real estate, in lieu of including these in expanded mode. But treat them the same way—once entered, they will apply to all QSOs entered from then on.

Also make sure the app doesn’t “forget” these location fields if I exit the log and go back into it. Right now, these aren’t retained.

The bulk editing feature recommendation, which started this thread, would allow later fixes to all of the data. Common use cases would include:

  • Corrections/filling in data which were left blank for the first few QSOs when the activator forgot to enter them, or when the wrong data (e.g. my grid square) were inadvertently populated or manually entered

  • Changing the park number and associated location data in a duplicated log for a multi-park activation

Thanks. I’m setting up a Trello board to get all of my tickets out of Github Issues, where they aren’t publicly visible or useful for users.

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