Cabrillo file export

ARRL wants the Field Day files to be in Cabrillo format. Wonder if there is a direct way to do this from HamRS ?
My slow way is to enter my log (current on a legal pad) into HamRS, then export as an ADI file; then, go to a program like N1MM, upload, then download as a Cabrillo file…not even sure if this would work…or if there is an easier way?
Thanks in advance for any and all help.

HAMRS won’t generate a Cabrillo file directly. My approach would be to create a dupe sheet instead (which ARRL allows instead of a Cabrillo log) by opening the ADIF with ADIF Master (a free utility), exporting it to a CSV file, and sorting/filtering with a spreadsheet app like Microsoft Excel.

Seems like a good plan IF the ADIF from HAMRS has the appropriate fields for N1MM.

I believe you will need to setup the FD log in N1MM before importing the ADIF. After that, if the log looks good, it’s a single click to create the Cabrillo.

Hope you had fun on FD!


There is a program that converts ADIF to Cabrillo.

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