Cabrillo log export

The Texas State POTA process requires I submit a log in a Cabrillo format. I have looked around a little, and can not easily find an app that exports to that format. I see people exporting to ADIF and converting to Cabrillo.

Wondering how hard it would be to build that as an export option. If it costs a lot of time, I would be willing to become a patron or whatever polite form of contribution you have here. Its a solid tool for both Mac and PC which I use a lot.

Thanks in advance.

@bobnine, I think offering Cabrillo export would be very handy.

The main problem I see, however, is that not all contests use the Cabrillo format the same way, and that would require coding a specific format for each contest (template) that may also change from year-to-year.

@Jarrett would also need to consider issues related to scoring, entering the other fields as validated lists, or simply generating the template for the logger to edit prior to submission.

Here’s an example: Winter Field Day 2022. The official Cabrillo 3.0 specification uses DG in the QSO log to represent all digital QSOs. There is a separate mode for RTTY (RY). But WFD requests DI (a different code than the 3.0 specs even allow) for digital modes, and counts RTTY as a digital mode. Similarly, FM is listed separately as a mode in the 3.0 specs while WFD counts it as Phone (PH).

With the numerous contests that are out there, accounting for these nuances might be a bit of a challenge/time sink.

Just thinking out loud… love the idea but not quite sure how it would be implemented in practice unless each export is template-specific.