Cabrillo output

Hi, I’m entering my logs from Field Day from paper… does the HAMRS app support Cabrillo output? or does anyone know how to convert to Cabrillo on a Mac? thanks! Ed KM6TNT

I’m fairly confident that HAMRS only exports as .adi files right now.

Can’t help you with the Mac, sorry.

HAMRS won’t give you what you need to directly submit your records to ARRL for Field Day.

As was pointed out when the FD template was being developed, ARRL doesn’t want the ADIF. They prefer a list of stations worked by band/mode, in the form of a dupe sheet or an alpha/numeric list sorted by band and mode. Cabrillo files are acceptable, too, but not necessary.

If you logged on paper, entering your field day QSOs into HAMRS likely won’t buy you much. Go directly to creating a dupe sheet or sorted list in a spreadsheet and you should be good to go.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to see if I can import my HAMRS-generated ADIF into Excel and then sort the QSOs accordingly, then print it to a PDF file. Perhaps ADIF Master will be helpful as an intermediate step.

I suspect this would be fairly easy to code within HAMRS, too. Maybe next year’s template will support that if @Jarrett decides to integrate that capability.

If anyone stumbles across an automated way to do this from an ADIF, please let us know.

Thanks for your input Kevin and Bruce. I ended up using a free web based program to manually enter my log. It has the option to output both and ADIF and Cabrillo file.

Glad you were able to get this to work.

I imported the HAMRS-generated ADIF into ADIF Master, saved the file as an Excel-compatible .csv, opened a blank spreadsheet in Excel, and imported the .csv into that spreadsheet. This allows me to sort and generate the sorted list to upload to ARRL.

Looks like we have several options, but all involve using an external program to accomplish this at the moment.

I recently wrote a python script that converts adif to csv. If you have python on your machine you can easily convert HAMRS or QRZ info to csv. I made it for QRZ, but it works just the same for HAMRS.

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