Call entry slow down & callsign deletion

really enjoy using this software on ipad but im having a couple of issues that are making me think i will have to stop using the software until they are figured out

  1. If I have to edit a callsign (eg, change prefix) as soon as I type one letter it moves cursor to end of callsign, so I have to keep moving the cursor back or wait 2 second between keying the characters - not easy during pileup

  2. after I have clicked save and start entering the next callsign, this newly entered callsign will be wiped, so I either have to wait a few seconds after saving, or re-enter callsign, again during pileup this gets me muddled up

Other than that the layout is nice and easy to read and the export function to Dropbox works well, fetching name etc from QRZ works 99% of the time is a great feature

73, Richard

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