Call Sign Database not working

When I put in a call sign it comes back as “Undefined” and the City / State. It is not providing the Name of the person. I’m using QRZ.

Are you a premium / paid subscriber of QRZ? If not, then try one of the other two services.

I just became a paid subscriber to QRZ and it is working now.
Thanks for a great app!

So I’m assuming you need to be a paid subscriber to QRZ for integration? I am not and I only get callsign and location.

To get full info, including grid square, yes.

But use HamDB or HamQTH instead and things should work okay. HamDB has been working well for me.

I absolutely love your program! When I make an ADI file and upload to QRZ, 14250 transfers to 14,250.00 in the freq column in QRZ. Is there a fix to that?

If you enter the frequency in MHz, everything should work correctly. :slight_smile:

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