Callsign change in log does not persist between contacts


HAMRS: 1.0.6
iOS: 17.1.2 @ iPhone xR

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new log
  • Scroll down to the second box of editable fields
  • Change My Callsign to another callsign
  • Save a contact - the correct (updated) callsign is used
  • Save another contact - the incorrect (profile-defined) callsign is used.

Expected behavior

As all the other fields in this section apply to all contacts in the log, I would expect My Callsign to behave the same, and apply to each contact added until it is changed again, like Frequency or Power.


The log state right before pressing Save:

After pressing save, all the fields in the first section clear, but My Callsign in the second section resets to the profile-defined callsign.

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