Callsign edit problem 12/2023

December 2023: I just purchased the App for android.
Google play shows that the latest version has been updated on October 9, 2023.

The callsign edit issue is still there, this is quite unacceptable since the bug is a critical one.
Using the app as is it’s a non sense. You can’t work a pileup with this bug.

Can someone pls tell if there is a plan to get that fixed once for all??

Many tks, Steven IW2MJQ

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Its The Jumping Cursor bug. I haven’t seen or heard of any fixes yet. I asked about it earlier this year.

Only thing that helps is if you put your keyboard in caps-lock then it wont do it.

This works in Windows. I do not own any Apple products so not sure if it works on a mac.

Also works on Android phones and tablets, specifically my Note20, but caps- lock does not stay on past one field. As soon as i cursor to or click on another field, caps lock turns off.

So when i don’t have my Windows machine, working a pileup still gives me heartache.

I inevitably have this bug come up and knock me out of rhythm and completely disrupt my flow.

I love this logging software, except for this bug.
I would just paper log, but typing in my contacts later is something i don’t have time or energy for.
Hoping Santa brings a fix for us this Christmas!

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I use the program with my android smartphone, I have never tried using caps lock. I’ll try, but it’s not a practical solution! The caps lock on your phone doesn’t stay locked like on your computer keyboard. A solution is needed from the developer.

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Thanks for the caps-lock suggestion. Now during my summit activations, other than all the messing with and tuning antennas, getting situated, checking spots and self spotting, …

I need to remember to caps lock my keyboard, (which I’ll have to undo and redo if I need to use my phone for anything else).

Oh, and I also have to remember to turn off those annoying HamDB popups that fly up and block me from entering the RST. The app always turns those back on by itself.

I find that this user community is so small that issues and requests come up and get closed one-at-time, and they don’t get acknowledged by the dev. I think I might go back to the free logging app I was using. I know that charging money to a small community isn’t lucrative for the dev, but to the end user it’s pretty frustrating to pay for a broken product and not be acknowledged or have the problem fixed.

Also, past feature requests:
-Dark mode
-Sota + POTA activations

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