Callsign lookup outdated

Hey yall.

I am not seeing the a call I know to be valid and validated show up in either ham db or qrz lookups. It shows up as a hamdb good call, but old owner. (have checked both hamdb and qrz, they are valid there, and have been for at least a few days.

how often is the lookup updated? or is that not a hamrs issue?


Not positive about this, but I believe that HAMRS connects with and looks up each call on the data base selected in Settings–HamQTH, QRZ, HamDB come up as options for me.

When I’m activating at a location with no or poor cell service, I get misses too.

I think that if there is a problem connecting to the DB, or not enough time before the next QSO and log entry, that the lookup is not completed and that data is left empty.

When you get back home and are connected to your own network, are you able to look up those calls?

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Jack N8EU

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The issue I have is that the call is good on (web) qrz and on hamdb but when HamRS pulls it, it isn’t valid …

I’ve also experienced the poor internet lagging, but I blame the Internet then.

What “lookup provider” have you selected in your Settings menu?

HAMRS looks up call signs online—it doesn’t have a local database.

I have used both HamDB and QRZ. both are outdated in the HAMRS app, but not on the web. this is the issue.

In app they dont populate correctly, but on the web, they do. I have waited a week since the FCC updates, and still HAMRS pulls old info.

I just checked, HAMDB is updated. QRZ is not.

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