Can’t edit or delete file ng4s@k2905-20240129

Can’t export file ng4s@k2905-20240129 or edit or delete…please help…NG4S

It would help more if you could tell us what you’re running it on? Windows, Android, iOS, MacOs?

Running it on a IPad and this problem occurred after many uploads from this IPad.

Are you simply unable to see the gear menu, or does HAMRS refuse to let you select any of the gear menu dropdowns?

Rebooted several times and problem cleared up …Thanks NG4S

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I just had this problem occur after about 10 successful uploads on my iPad. I can get the gear icon to open and I can edit the individual contact, however when I hit the green save button at the bottom it doesn’t save and the original incorrect information is still there. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Any thoughts are appreciated. N3EDO

You’re editing an individual contact, or are you trying to change or delete the entire log (as the original poster was attempting to do)?

If the former, have you tried deleting and reentering the contact, or closing the log and rebooting?

Hi Kevin, I was trying to edit a certain contact when HAMRS locked up. I ended up closing the program and rebooting it and that fixed the issue. It was the first time I have had HAMRS lock up on me. I really appreciate this program for POTA. Thanks for replying. Bill N3EDO.

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