Can’t get QSO map to populate

I have loaded the app several times. The QSO map will not populate with the contacts. They do show the name of the contact when enters and it is added to the list. But when I click on the map it’s empty. Both my phone, iPad and my wife’s phone have the same issue. My sons for some reason works fine. What’s up? How can I get this resolved?
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This is a very common issue addressed quite a few times in this discussion forum. 99% of the time it is a result of using a lookup service that does not retrieve the grid square from the service. For instance, you must be a premium (paying) subscriber of, with your credentials entered, in order to pull grid squares from QRZ.

That’s exactly what it was. I switched to the HamDB lookup and it was working. Thank you for the fast reply. I love the app as I was using on my laptop and desktop and it was well worth the iTunes price.

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i changed my Settings to HamDB and the QSO map still didn’t populate - ideas?

Is it populating for new QSOs?

The old ones won’t show on the map unless you look them up again.

I activated my park Friday, Oct 20th - are you saying that since I changed to HamDB today, it still won’t show in the map? How do I look them up again once they are already reported? Thanks

Yes, that’s correct. HAMRS looks up the call at the time you log it.

To look it up afterwards, go to each QSO in your log and hit the gear icon & look up menu option.

Did this work for you?

It did for US contacts but not foreign ones-??

Unfortunately, HamDB only supports a limited number of countries.

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