Can you default the signal report to null value?

On the POTA template, there are the RST Sent and RST Rcv values populated with the 59 or 599 value. Those values get ignored by POTA, so is there a way to simply default them to null without having to tab thru them for each entry?

I think you’re going to find that most POTA activators give and record the signal report, even though it isn’t required. The POTA uploader ignores these fields, of course, but other logging programs do not (such as, Log4OM, etc.).

Similarly, the other party’s state isn’t a required field, nor is the other party’s park when completing a P2P QSO (although that one is helpful to avoid duplicates). But most activators give (and record) them anyway, too.

Why not just plug in a 59 or 599, log the call sign only, and save the QSO?

It has been suggested in the past that the RST fields have a toggle to lock them, so tabbing through the fields would skip the RSTs. Another option would be to allow the user to dynamically reorder the fields as desired. For instance, if you like to record the other party’s State, that field would be moved up closer to the call sign.

My personal preference would be the first option: allow the option to lock the RST fields & skip them when tabbing through the fields.

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