Cannot send aid file to e-mail

I have always downloaded my log to e- mails and then moved them from there to where I want them. I have not used this for a couple of months. Now when I tried to do that it tries to create a draft and will not download the adi file. I figured out I can save it to files on my IOS device (ipad) and then can upload the log from “File.” Is this the way it has to be now. I do not consider this an improvement. I saw that there have been some problems noted with uploading the adi files in your help forums.

Just to be clear: you are selecting the log, choosing “Export ADI”, then selecting your email app? What email app are you using? Also, what do you mean by “download” to your email app? Does it not get attached to the email on your device?

There have been no changes to HAMRS in the past year so I’m wondering if there has been a change in your configuration settings on your iOS device.

HAMRS still exports perfectly on all three of my iOS devices (phone and two iPads).

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