Cannot upload ADIF to POTA website

I tried to upload a log to It was unsuccessful. The error message was: Multiple park references in MY_SIG_INFO are not supported. I do not remember doing anything different with this log. Has anyone else had this error?

Somehow, you changed at least one of the My Park entries which generates the MY_SIG_INFO data in the log. All MY_SIG_INFO entries, which contain the park you are activating, must be identical. Look at your log in a text editor or ADIF Master and compare all the MY_SIG_INFO entries. You’ll find an oops in at least one of them.

Michael WA7SKG

Thank you, Michael. I had caught myself not hitting the TAB key all of the time, and entering info in the My Park section. I must have missed one error (or more) in that section and missed it with my review. Your suggestion was very helpful. I appreciate your time and help. David AE4LH