Can't uncheck qsos

I cannot remove previous qso flags from map. Map and lookup appear to work right. Blue location icon may only be removed by deleting log entry.
I am new. Just using fake practice log but it’s getting pretty loaded up with previous qso location icon s.
Thanks for help.
Update: Now I do not have any location icons showing on map. The lookup function does nothing.
Upon entering a new callsign I do get a partial address but no name (it says undefined). I am good with the qrz database on other pgms.
So: Bottom line is map is not at all functional now.
2nd update: uninstalled app, reinstalled app. Now back to original problem: cannot dismiss location icons unless qso is deleted from log. Since there’s no way to actually contact service guess I’ll request payment back. Would have been nice app otherwise

I’m not quite sure what you’re attempting to do. When QSO is logged, and it contains an accurate grid square, it is placed on the map. If for some reason you do not what a particular QSO showing up on the map, you could edit the QSO and remove the grid square data from it.

Still curious what the use case is here.

I think I see what you mean - the map is designed to show you ALL of the QSOs that are contained in the logbook, not one at a time, similar to - If you peruse the POTA facebook group you’ll see folks showing off their contacts with either HAMRS’ map, or a map from

I can see feature where a user could click a callsign in the logbook and bring up a map that shows the same information as when you use the callsign search int he upper right hand corner, with maybe distance information, etc. That would be super helpful.